четвъртък, 16 ноември 2017 г.

Low Light (Pearl Jam)

Clouds roll by
Reeling is what they say
Or is it just my way?
Wind blows by, low light
Side-tracked, low light
Can't see my tracks, your scent-way back

Can I be here all alone?
Clear a path to my home
Blood runs dry
Books and jealousy tell me wrong
All I feel, calm
Voice blows by, low light
Car crash, low light
Can't wear my mask, your first, my last

Voice goes by
Two birds is what they'll see
Getting lost upon their way
Wind rolls by, low light
Eye sight, low light
I need the light
I'll find my way from wrong, what's real?
The dream I see

to reel = chanceler, tituber, vaciller ; être abasourdi, surpris
He was reeling from the news.
to sidetrack = faire dévier de son sujet, détourner
Sorry, I got sidetracked.
Her students were trying to sidetrack her into talking about her hobby.

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